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The most important objective of any oil production facilities is separation water from crude oil. Separation of oil from water can often be critical due to short residence time. PETROFANN demulsifiers, or emulsion breakers, are produced in wide ranges and designed for resolving emulsions caused by the process of separation and production of crude oil. Formulations made with our expertise can improve fast water separation rate, produce dried and desalted Crude oil and allow a smaller footprint and help increase capacity for existing separation units
In oil production today, water is an inevitable byproduct. In fact, nearly 90% of crude contains oil and water emulsions. The gradual encroachment of water into oil-bearing formations and the advent of secondary and tertiary recovery methods has led to the development of new technologies to break crude oil and water emulsions.
Petroleum demulsifier is recommended to break oil field oil/water emulsions and aid in solids removal from liquids providing a high quality produced crude and clean effluent water. These emulsion breakers work by attacking the droplet interface causing the droplets to disperse or gather into larger droplets. This demulsification action causes a density change making it easier for separation to occur. Factors that influence the type of emulsion breaker selected include the type of emulsion, either oil-in-water or water-in-oil, and the API gravity of the crude. Evaluation of the rate of water drop, sharpness of oil/water interface, and cleanliness of the water are included in analyzing for the proper oilfield emulsion breaker.
The need for oilfield chemical demulsifiers is seen in almost every industry segment; anywhere oil and water are used. We provide this chemical to major users of petroleum emulsion breaker for demulsification include the following industries: chemical processing, petroleum refineries, fuel washing prior to gas turbines, slop and tramp oil treatment, and importantly in the processing of crude oil in the oil field, both to treat synthetic mud’s and to treat the produced hydrocarbons.
PETROFANN  Demulsifiers, or emulsion breakers, are highly effective in removing water from water-in-oil emulsions to provide dry, on-specification oil. Formulations made with our expertise can improve separation rate, allow a smaller footprint and help increase capacity for existing separator units.
  • Quickly reduce water-in-oil to levels of 0.1 to 0.5 percent
  • Provide sharper interface between the two phases for easier separation
  • Remove more water to get closer to commercial crude oil specifications
  • Deliver high performance in heavy oil, addressing problems arising from high viscosity
  • Highly efficient at low temperatures, reducing he expense needed to heat oil
  • Reduce oil-in-water levels for easier discharge or reinjection of water
 Packaging and Handling:
PETROFANN  demulsifier is packaged in 55 gal. Steel drums. (208 liters) It contains an aromatic solvent, and should be handled easily semi-skilled workers.

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