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Scale Inhibitor

Scale inhibitors provide a solution to inorganic scale nucleation and precipitation of solids from supersaturated water in oilfield production applications. PETROFANN Scale Inhibitors effectively protect the three areas most commonly affected by scaling – pipelines/conduits, completion systems and processing facilities. Our range of scale inhibitors are highly effective against carbonate and sulfate scale in a wide range of conditions, temperatures and salinity.

PETROFANN scale inhibitors mitigate and prevent scale formation in wellbores, pipes and associated equipment, improving oil and gas flow.

Scale is produced by water precipitation which occurs when producing crude oils or injecting water, and occurs under certain temperatures, pressures and fluid dynamics. Scale deposition in production equipment is a major cause of operational problems such as flow restriction, decreased production and deferred and lost oil. We support oil producers around the world to mitigate any risk associated with inorganic scale deposition, both in topside and downhole operations. Our team of experts can assess each situation and provide solutions to maximize production and up-time in a scaling environment.

Our innovative technologies provide real-time scale monitoring and a unique delivery system that controls depositions, corrosion and reservoir souring by delivering inhibitors to the problem immediately.

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