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About Us

PETROFANN Avaran Apadana Co. was established in 2005 as a producer and distributor of a diverse line of chemical specialties for oilfield, refining and petrochemical industrial applications. Our complete analytical laboratory supports PETROFANN Avaran Apadana products and is responsible for providing a wide variety of essential functions. These functions include quality assurance, analytical support and monitoring services, as well as product development and evaluation.
PetroFann Avaran Apadana’s staff of experienced chemists and lab technicians can provide oilfield and industrial water analysis, crude oil analysis, and product development services. To our customers by optimizing systems and product performance in the most cost-effective way. On this site, you will find information on many different PETROFANN Avaran Apadana products. We would be pleased to help to find new solutions.

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To request additional information about petrofann products and services just complete the form below and a petrofann representative will contact you. To inquire about career opportunities please refer to the careers section.
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