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Corrosion Inhibitor

Corrosion inhibitors provide critical protection to minimize the corrosive effects of liquids and gas on metals and alloys. PETROFANN corrosion inhibitors are based on our experience and market-leading chemical compounds used in Oil and Gas processes and pipeline projects. We formulate wide range of tailored corrosion inhibitor concentrations to meet your specific application needs. This is supported by our in-depth industry knowledge and capability in oilfield chemical technology, helping to protect your critical service equipment

The production of gas and oil is often accompanied by water, either from the formation, from condensation, or from water injected as lift assist. Acid gases, such as hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and carbon dioxide (CO2) are often present in produced fluids, and oxygen is sometimes a contaminant in the water used for injection. These acid gases increase the corrosively of the waters to steel, and can significantly impact the safe operating life of production tubular and equipment, production vessels, and transportation systems.

The control of corrosion in the oilfield can be a complex problem, requiring detailed analysis and a thorough understanding of the range of conditions expected during the life of the system prior to the development of a corrosion management plan. PETROFANN  corrosion inhibitor product line consists of a number of formulations – some have been developed to address specific corrosion problems and others have been formulated to have wide applicability. PETROFANN  products are proven performers with a solid history of “raising the bar” in providing cost-effective corrosion protection in all oilfield operations. Applications include controlling corrosion in all types of oilfield operations, including oil and gas production, processing, and transportation systems.

Corrosion inhibitors react with the metal surface to form an impermeable film layer on it to stop galvanic corrosion through the reactions of produced oilfield materials and exploring equipments as well transporting pipe network. The organic base or aqueous form work well in high-low temperatures or any kind of environments helps to improve the performance and efficiency of oilfield machineries with decreased down time. These specialty chemicals are the best practices to reduce the detrimental corrosion effects on oilfield plants and exploration-carrying devices.

Amine based inhibitors act by forming a persistent film on the drill hole piping and general oil handling equipments such as tanks and inhibits corrosion resulting from hydrogen sulfide and organic acids in the oil field. Organophosphate inhibitors are water soluble formulations used for general prevention of corrosion on metal surfaces. They are particularly effective in preventing corrosion resulting from the oxidation process of oxygen. This type can be added to agitating muds of the oil wells for protection of the equipment. Organic inhibitors are formulated to function under high temperature and high pressure gas and oil production machines.

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