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Microbial control in the oil and gas sector is important for safe and reliable operations. Biocides are utilized to control the growth of various types of bacteria. In particular, controlling the growth of sulfate reducing bacteria (SRB) is critical for minimizing the formation of hydrogen sulfide.  PETROFANN offers the Biocides portfolio to help manage your microbial issues. Our non-oxidizing organic biocides function primarily by altering the permeability of the cell walls of microorganisms and interfere with their biological processes.
Biocides and treatment formulations control bacteria populations in drilling, completion, production, processing and transportation operations.
Biocides applications address many significant safety, equipment and regulatory/contractual issues resulting from bacteria growth and the production of biogenic (bacterially-generated) hydrogen sulfide, including:
  • Reservoir fouling
  • Production equipment plugging and corrosion
  • Heat exchange equipment corrosion and fouling
  • Water disposal and water flood system corrosion and permeability damage
  • Pipeline and storage tank corrosion and product deterioration
In mitigating these problems, PETROFANN products improve profitability and safety by:
  • Increasing production capacity
  • Reducing the need for costly well interventions
  • Lowering costs for piping and equipment maintenance
  • Reducing use of hydrogen sulfide scavengers to control biogenic H2S levels
Bacteria Control Support
To ensure the most effective facility design and remediation treatments, PETROFANN expert evaluations help to determine the most appropriate product, application technology and monitoring system.
PETROFANN works with customer engineering and operational personnel during project design, construction and commissioning to help determine the potential for bacterial contamination.
To minimize problems associated with operating previously fouled systems, we recommend procedures and processes to minimize the risk of contamination. PETROFANN experts are highly experienced in the design and implementation of prevention, remediation and maintenance programs

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